Hawkings Belief in "Fairy Stories"

by Rev. Dennis Hartman

Published May 18, 2011

Well paint me red and call me a fire truck. Dr. Stephen Hawking now believes that Heaven is a "fairy story." Why we must believe this man because he is one of the smartest individuals in the world. What a brilliant scholar he is. According to "...his 2010 book "The Grand Design" he said a deity no longer has any place in theories on the creation of the universe in the light of a series of developments in physics."

The debate for years has been rather lump sided concerning evolution. These so called "scholars" are the ones who fight tooth and nail to keep all other theories out of our public schools. It is strange that for all the "proof" they proclaim, the debate is slowly moving away from their position. It is little wonder too. The tactics that they use is worse then scandalous. Form David Dawkins to Stephen Hawkings the religion of no god keeps right on rolling along in the news of science. No matter the opposition from the Creationists, or Intelligent Design the religion of Darwin must rock on. It dare not be stopped. The courts also are guilty by ruling that science is founded upon the doctrine of evolution, and therefore if it does not support evolution it is not science.

Well what does a Christian do? The answer is simple enough. Believe the Bible and what it says. The just shall and always will live by faith. But for the Christian community there's a lot of other supplementary materials available from both the Creationists, and the Intelligent Design crowd concerning the religion of evolution. It can be found at most books stores and in a variety of media formats. Take advantage of them.

But let's look at the charge that Hawkings is making here. The reason for his pronouncement is based on "...a series of developments in physics." Now I confess that I am just a minister. While I have completed course work in science at the secular university levels, I am not a scientist. But that being said, I would like to report some interesting findings that any reader could discover if they but do some simple research.

I would like to focus on recent research into things that were to have been dead for millions of years but they now don't seem so dead nor for all that long. The information that follows will at least question the nonsense of millions of millions of years with which they have tried to brain wash every person in most secular educational institutions, and media outlets like the National Public broadcasting networks as well as the main stream news outlets. This millions of years thing is a key concept that must be pounded into every mind in order to have a chance of proving evolution. Now let's look at some evidence that is beginning to surface which questions the idea of millions of years.

1. We start with the Green River Formation Fossil bed. A strange fossil was found there that has caused no little stir. The Green River Formation, is "a sedimentary feature of Wyoming and northern Colorado, is widely recognized for its high quality fossils of fish and other creatures." What was found was a lizard leg "not made up of minerals, but instead still has the original skin and connective tissue." Let's see, a fossil of a so called ancient fossil with skin still on the bone, in a rock layer that was supposed to be millions of years old. Upon more study it was confirmed that the tissue from that ancient fossil belonged to that fossil. There is no suggestion on how this could be. Yet there it is. Could soft tissue be preserved that long? The answer is an unquestionable no. The only conclusion then is that perhaps that whole formation and the fossils therein are not so old after all. Click here for more information.

2. "Researchers from Ohio University found a shrimp buried in a layer of limestone in Oklahoma. The fossil has been deemed to be the oldest shrimp ever discovered, stretching the purported evolutionary history of this tiny crustacean by about 125 million years.

"A recent study of the fossil by Kent State University geologists, however, has uncovered clear features that not only refute an evolutionary context for this find, but also confirm the creation model.

"Since modern shrimp look just like the one discovered in Oklahoma (it was easily identifiable as a "shrimp"), critical thinkers are asked to believe that 350 million years' worth of mutations and natural selection has had zero effect on the shrimp body plan! A more likely interpretation is that it's not as old as the researchers claimed.

The fossil--the study of which appears in the current issue of Journal of Crustacean Biology--contains muscle in the tail. Feldman explained, "The muscles...were preserved by a combination of acidic waters and a low oxygen content as the animal was buried rapidly." Click here for more information.

3. "A "stunning" fossil was discovered by 15-year-old James Dickinson while he was fossil hunting at a beach in southern England. The area where he found it, Lyme Regis, is well known as a "treasure trove" for fossils. But the tiny lobster James discovered contained a very rare feature--parts of its original shell."

This fossil was then passed off to the "Natural History Museum in London. There, Dr. Joe Collins recognized it as Coleia brodei, an extinct variety of lobster." It was in soft stone material which would allow for more decay. This of course means that it, any parts of its body or shell, should not have been able to survived in tact after millions of years. This little lobster was certainly not millions of years like the theory of evolution proclaimed. Click here for more information.


4. Perhaps one of the most intriguing find was that of Mary Schweitzer. " Schweitzer's unexpected discovery in 2000 of "elastic, like living tissue" from inside the femur of a recently excavated Tyrannosaurus fossil nicknamed "B. rex." 60 Minutes reported, "It looked like the soft tissue she would have expected to find if it had been modern bone. This was impossible. This bone was 68 million years old!" The report replayed some of the original video of the tissues taken in 2000. "They were there. Things that looked suspiciously like flexible, transparent blood vessels." Click here for more information.

This find finally made it big time when it day viewed on CBS's 60 Minutes. It was this program then that let the cat out of the bag on many other such discoveries around the world. While many tried thus far to refute Dr. Schweitzer's findings, no such attempts have proved successful. Her finding thus proves that at least one Tyrannosaurus has been around in more recent times. If one, then others too. As a matter of fact, many findings of this nature call in to question evolutions old earth theory. Most of these scientists are still in disbelief, but there it is. They have tried all at their disposal to deny the inevitable. That is, the earth nor dinosaurs are millions of year old.

The points above are not isolated. There are many more problems which evolutionists are in a state of denial now a days. For example, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute, or SETI has failed to produce anything that would indicate that there is intelligent extraterrestrial life anywhere in space. Then there is also hope that perhaps we could discover our origins in space and something like unto the missing link. In spite of so much research by NASA, there is no proof in our solar system of evolution. Just a nebulous hope and theories that they might find something to prove evolution.

Once again this very brilliant individual makes a fool of himself. It really is sad. O how sad. All he takes away from evolution is a death wish. And so, he is not afraid to die, because all physical or carbon units die anyways. Sin has always brought death and a hopeless sense in this existence of ours. Little wonder that Hawkings, whose body is so helpless, sounds so hopeless. With the theory of evolution, all you have is hopelessness, struggle, and death. But their happy face is that somehow modern man is progressing and building on the shoulders of our findings. Yet their faith in evolution, which their science is slowly denying them, is at work wearing and tearing down and eroding away the foundational theory of their "fairy story." It is nice to know, that many scientists are still honest in spite of what they find and report to the general public even though it conflicts with their faith in evolution. I say thank you to those scientists for being at least honest in their research findings.

Pastor Hartman has been in the ministry for thirty seven years. He graduated from the Institute of Christian Service of Bob Jones University. He also holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Columbus State University and did post grad work at the same school. He has taught in the public school system for fifteen years, and is currently working with a small private academy. He has traveled once to Russia, three times to the Ukraine, twice to England in a humble effort to help the missionaries spread the Gospel of Christ. After resigning form his pastorate in 2005, he does supply work for other pastors in the community. While he is Independent Methodist, he is currently attending and working with a neat conservative United Methodist Church. If you wish to contact Pastor Hartman, about this article, please feel free to do so.