Rev. William J. Logan

Wesley said he did not fear that the societies would cease to exist but that they would come to exist as a dead sect. That time is now.

I see how Satan works to destroy the church. It is wrapped up in the words he used with Eve. "Hath God said?" Has God said you must do this or that? When Christians begin to question or rewrite the Word he can chase them around and around till they get dizzy.

The organized Church is lost in numbers, programs, and funding. There is too much electronic gospel, loud banging music, and not enough personal witness. But then I am preaching to the choir I fear.

There are too many "bodies" stuffing too many well lit, comfortable, air conditioned Churches following a "well balanced program" and not nearly enough spirits, souls, and minds adoring, thanking and praising the True Living God!

Until "individual" Christians come to the conclusion they must lead a life free of all known sins, the Church will remain very weak and worldly, Calvinist or not. I can not amplify enough the need for Christians "to be" free of sin and therefore useful vessels fit for the Lords use. The Church (i.e., individuals) is in denial of personal sins and God can not use them. I hate words like "sold out" and all that jive. Until the people of God, (my definition of that is simply those whose spirit is confirmed by the Holy Spirit that they are the children of God) get into true worship (love, adoration, praise from a heart that is wholly dedicated to God free of known sin) will the Church be the instrument to "save the world!"

We have a generation that is not willing to "put itself out" for anything. A generation who will not serve but wants to be served and entertained. Personal dedication is seen as "sacrifice." We have no sacrifice fit for God except a life lived in dedication to him that is constantly searching for "secret faults" that we may be used of the Holy Spirit. That is sanctification.

He is sanctified! He sanctified us! He commands us to sanctify ourselves. He is the only God, there is no other! He "severed" cut us loose as with a knife from the world. We must use the same thing, the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, to cut (or "sever") ourselves from the world and all recognized sin. After that we need to pray that he will search us and know our hearts, try us and know our thoughts and see if there be any wicked way in us. Then he can lead us in the way everlasting. We must also pray, cleanse thou me from secret faults.

There WILL be faith when Jesus returns but it will be a small group, a remnant that will hold to the true faith. There will also be a harlot which is the organized Church. It will go into Hell. I do not see revival or renewal. Satan has wooed the people into a false sense of worship. He has catered to their need to have the flesh comforted. He has told them, "hath God said?" Must you suffer to be saved? Must you be uncomfortable in the Christian life. If you move out of your comfort zone then God must not be the author of that. Does God not want you to suffer needlessly?

The Church is full of false teachers and prophets who either serve Satan or themselves, comforting the people telling them the same message.

Rev. William Logan has been a Methodist pastor for 45 years and served the Lord Faithfully. During his active ministry he made trips to mission fields and wrote many articles that where published in the Independent Methodist periodicals. He is currently retired. Rev. Logan has always had a burden for Bible Believing Methodism and the Church at large. He is a contender for the faith and the Church victorious. Please feel free to contact Rev. Logan.

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