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ONE METHODIST VOL. 1 NO. 1 August 1998

This article was written by A. W. Tozer. He says that "the world has divided men into two classes, the stupid good people and the clever wicked ones." From this point on he makes the distinction between the world and those who follow Christ.

ONE METHODIST VOL. 1, NO. 2 September 1998

This article contains a historic overview of John Wesley's thoughts on the Roman Catholic Church. It also lists several important points of the time.

ONE METHODIST VOL. 1 NO. 3 October 1998

This article was written by Rev. John Wesley. It is a reminder that as Christians we are bound to keep the LORD'S day holy. It is not a day of trade and pure pleasure.

Also in this edition of One Methodist is the article "A CLEAR AND CONCISE DEMONSTRATION OF THE DIVINE INSPIRATION OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, written by Rev. John Wesley. In this brief article you will gain an understanding of Wesley's high view of the scriptures.

ONE METHODIST VOL. 1 NO. 4 November 1998

This article contains the announcement to make Thanksgiving a national holiday by our first president. In it are some interesting details concerning this new holiday. Also in this journal is John Wesley's article on ON READING THE BIBLE. This is a must read for those who believe that Wesley used other devices to gain an understanding of the scriptures.

by Dwight L. Moody
ONE METHODIST VOL. 1 NO. 5 December 1998 & VOL. 1 NO. 5 December 1998

This article deals with the Excuses that people make for not being saved. Moody dose a great job with how they compare to the Bible.

by Editor of One Methodist

ONE METHODIST VOL. 1 NO. 7 February 1999

This article centers on a few days in the life of Freeborn Garrettson. It will give the reader some idea of how people reacted to the preaching of the Gospel. It also tells of how preachers like Garrettson was arrested for their faith.

By Beverly Carradine
ONE METHODIST VOL. 1 NO. 8 March 1999

In this article Rev. Carradine looks at some of the more famous quotes of Jesus. He points out how important they are and are equal to any wise saying produced by man.

By Peter Cartwright

Peter Cartwright gives expression to what was transpiring within early Methodism. He discusses the courses of study that the second Bishop, William M'Kendree, designed for those early Methodist preachers. He also goes on to express his concern about the direction of the Church in the area of education.

By D. L. Moody
ONE METHODIST VOL. 1 NO. 10 May 1999

This is an interesting study of Restitution. It connects Restitution with repentance. Moody cites people like Finney in this connection.

By a Lover of Free Grace.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 1 NO. 11 February 1999
By John Wesley (Wesley's Works, Vol. 10)

John Wesley was a firm believer in the Catholic Spirit. However, there were two things that Wesley did not tolerate. They were disbelief in God, and Calvinism. It is this idea of Calvinism that Wesley takes on. He clearly confronts much of their name calling and lies about the Arminian theology. This article is one of those times which takes on Calvinism.

ONE METHODIST VOL. 1 NO. 12 July 1999
By John Wesley (From Wesley's Works, Volume 11)

This article is of grave importance to the Methodist preachers today, and for that matter every preacher or missionary who call themselves Christian. It deals with personal relationships with God. It seems to smack in the face of what we moderns call Accountability. But in this case, it is accountability to the right person, God. For Wesley, and many others, a deep devotional life to Christ was very important. Herein, Wesley lays out some guide lines for such a relationship.


By Dr. Vic Reasoner
ONE METHODIST VOL. 2 NO. 01 August 1999

Dr. Reasoner take a critical look at the importance of scripture and how people question its authority and correctness. He will take you through a bit of history to explain how people have come to question the authority of the Bible. He also cites some interesting data about what is going on in the Church concerning this subject. Over all this is a good article that gives insight to this particular problem within the Twenty First Century Church.

By John Wesley
ONE METHODIST VOL. 2 NO. 02 September 1999

In this article, John Wesley more or less tries to take an objective look at Methodism in the future. He is very clear in his assessment of what could be, and how it could be avoided or improved upon. Wesley shows some remarkable insight on this subject, and as such, this article is a necessary read for all seekers of truth within Methodism, as well as all Christendom.

By Francis Asbury
ONE METHODIST VOL. 2 NO. 03 October 1999
Edited in 1855 by Thomas Q. Summers, D.D.

Bishop Asbury only left to us mostly his journals. Beyond that he left us scant little. This is of course opposite of the founder of Methodism who wrote profusely. This article review the problem of pride within the Church. Asbury goes into detail on its causes, results, and how to over come it.

From The Portrait of St. Paul: Or, The True Model for Christians and Pastors
Translated by Rev. John Gilpin from a French manuscript of Rev. John William De La Flechere, Vicar of Madeley, better known by his Anglicized name, John Fletcher.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 2 NO. 04 November 1999

Rev. Fletcher was John Wesley's good friend. He was well known for his writing against Calvinism in a work called "Checks." He was a man of deep devotion to God. In this article he writes he reviews the subject of humility via the apostles and what they said on the subject.

ONE METHODIST VOL. 2 NO. 05 January 2000

The western frontier was hardly a friend to the circuit riders in the early 1800's. If it were not wild beasts, wild weather, it was the wild men, as illustrated here, that caused many of their afflictions. Those men were characteristic of the hardy American men who depended on themselves for survival and existence. This is a story of how God worked in the heart of one man who loved to mock God via those Methodist circuit riders of old. In the process, he met his match.

rom Twenty-Five Sunday Mornings with Samuel Chadwick.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 2 NO. 06 February 2000

Brother Chadwick addresses a very important topic in this article. That is one of "forgetting." It is a Biblical concept that seems to have vanished in our generation who look for "healing" and "closure" to resolve personal issues that would be best forgotten and forgiven.

By Minnie Linsay Carpenter.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 2 NO. 7 March 2000

This is a brief story of the conversion and ministry of William Booth. It is a good read about the founder of the Salvation Army.

By Rev. Peter Cartwright.

Peter Cartwright was no doubt the most well known and colorful of all frontier Methodist Circuit Riders. Methodism and Christ had no more loyal son then he. In this story he tells about a dance and what took place. Read how he turned it into a opportunity for Christ to visit the people with His sweet salvation.

By Rev. John Wesley.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 2 NO. 10 June 2000

In this letter, Wesley explains a bit of his philosophy on preaching. He cuts to the chase. There is no compromise in his desire for the lost to come to Christ. He proves how seriously he respects scriptures, and shows his desire to preach them correctly and clearly. This is a must reading for any pastor Methodist or other wise.

By Richard Watson
ONE METHODIST VOL. 2 NO. 11 July 2000

Dr. Watson was the first Methodist theologian. However, that did not detract from his first love of preaching. In this sermon he traces sin, its consequences and how God tried to show mercy toward sinful man.

Edited from the Works of Arminius by One Methodist
ONE METHODIST VOL. 2 NO. 12 August 2000

This article deals with the problem of eternal security. In this segment Arminius gives his view as far as he goes on this subject. It gives no comfort to those who hold to "Historical Arminianism." Clearly, Arminius would have disagreed with eternal security, but he did not have time to develop his ideas on that subject. Therefore, Dr. Roger Olson is wrong with his new styling called "Historical Arminianism" which is nothing more then an excuse to accept eternal security.


By Thomas Ralston .
ONE METHODIST Vol 3 No 1 September 2000

Thomas Ralston gives us a bit of history on the subject of Christian perfection. He also goes on to define its meaning and relationship to the Christian.

By Rev. Richard Watson.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 3 NO. 02 October 2001

The text: "Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them, Strive to enter in at the strait gate; for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able. When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and he shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence ye are," Luke 8:23-25.

By Adam Wallace.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 3 NO. 3 November 2000

This story is from the book, "The Parson of the Islands; A Biography of the Rev. Joshua Thomas." Rev. Thomas was a bold circuit rider after the American Revolution and during the War of 1812. He had some interesting encounters with the British Army. This is about one of those encounters.

By Rev. Richard Watson (1781-1833).
ONE METHODIST VOL. 3 NO 4 December 2000

In a generation of Christians who have been brainwashed into a hyper-grace gospel, this article is refreshing in its correction of this hyper-grace nonsense. Dr. Watson presents a clear understanding between the workings of God in us (grace), and our responsibility to respond to that work (grace). It is a great article from a man of great faith.

Rev. Richard Watson - (1781-1833).
ONE METHODIST VOL. 3 NO. 5 January 2001

It is an encouraging message for any age at the beginning of any new year.

By Rev. Joshua Thomas
ONE METHODIST VOL. 3 NO. 6 February 2001

During the War of 1812, the British had command of the Chesapeake Bay. Tangier Island, being a central island of that Bay, became their base of operations. A Methodist pastor on Tangier, the Rev. Joshua Thomas, took no little risk in preaching the Gospel to the British soldiers. Because he had shown himself a true soldier of the Cross, he was allowed to address the British soldiers before they sailed north to attack Baltimore. Read to find out the result of his preaching and the British armies defeat.

Edited from Freeborn Garrettson by Ezra S. Tipple.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 3 NO. 7 March 2001

Contemporary history, both in secular and Christian educational literature and books, have largely ignored the history of Methodism in America. For the secular religion has no roll, and for the contemporary Christians Methodist Arminian Preaching should never be shown in a positive light as compared to their Calvinistic and Baptist views of theology. This story is an undeniable truth of American history, nor is it an isolated case. It was typical of many Methodist preachers in the late 1700's throughout the 1800's. It is shameful how the Christian community today has largely rewritten Methodism out of history and hence out of memory.

By Rev. John Wesley?.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 3 NO. 8 April 2001

In this article you will discover the deep devotion that Wesley had to formal pray for himself and his people. Today the Church tends to distance itself from this sort of prayer while pretending it to be part of the liberal nonsense. Yet these prayers have at their root a love for God and the salvation that he has provided for mankind. In this light, they are deeply moving. One can not help but to believe that a Christian who prays these prayers with their whole heart and in sincerity will be blessed.

By F. W. Bourne (1871).
ONE METHODIST VOL. 3 NO. 10 June 2001

This article was taken from Chapter 1 about his conversion.

By Rev. John Wesley.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 3 NO. 11 July 2001

During the American Revolution Wesley provoked many Methodist Christians for his stance on that issue. Herein is why Wesley took that stand. Though it made no sense at the time to American Methodism, today it would be worth while thinking more carefully about what he said.

Truth Transported Accurately Through Time
By Richard Watson.
VOL. 3 NO. 12 August 2001

This article is edited from "Conversations For The Young," by Richard Watson. It is written for the youth of their time. However, the infromation in the article is still worth studying.


Pilgrim Tract Society.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 4 NO. 1 September 2001

There is a saying, "behind every Baptist is a good Methodist. In this case we see a man that is hailed as a great Calvinist Baptist preacher in a strange setting. It is that setting that One Methodist felt it important to mention. Only here do the real Methodists and the Calvinists truly meet, besides heaven.

By President Abraham Lincoln.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 4 NO. 2 December 2001

The title of this article explains it self clear enough. Today when presidents go before religious bodies they try to please those in attendance so as to get votes. Lincoln was confident in the Methodist church as having real faith in God. That they were the real thing which seems to mock all churches today.

By Rev. Richard Watson.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 4 NO. 3 November 2001

This discourse gives us some clear guidelines in our relation ship with those around us. It will help the reader to determine a set of spiritural guide lines that will keep his soul in harmony with God.

By Rev. Richard Watson (1781-1833).
ONE METHODIST VOL. 4 NO. 4 December 2001

Richard Watson is speaking of the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. He puts forth some clear concepts concerning that work.

Edited from Chapter X of
Francis Asbury: The Prophet of the Long Road. By Ezra Squier Tipple
As Editied by One Methodist.
ONE METHODIST VOL. 4 NO. 5 January 2002

This article is one of great length. However, it considers Bishop Asbury's life style and his view of preaching and Christian living. You will discover a wealth of information about this God anointed pilgrim Bishop. It will certainly make you aware of how far the current crop of leaders in Wesley's branch of the Christian Tree of Faith have strayed. Lord gave us more selfless leaders like Asbury. Amen.

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