Rev. Crossman is no stranger to those of us in the Methodist Ministry. He hails from England, the birth place of our founder Rev. John Wesley. He is beloved on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. He is not stranger to the evangelical circles around the world. He has become a well known conference and camp meeting speaker through out the Holiness circles and Methodist/Wesleyan churches here in the United States. His passion for souls, both saved and lost, is second to none. He has now retired from his labor and lives in England. For IMARC he has read several of Wesley's sermons for audio publication.

IMARC is proud to present a few of his sermons here on this page. Surely there are others, but these are all we have available to us at this time. Because of the poor audio quality of several, we could not reduce the size of the file. Therefore some may download more slowly then others. Also Rev. Crossman has a series of audio lectures on revival, and evangelism published on the Fundamental Wesleyan Fellowships audio web page. Please feel free to go there and listen. Also the Fundamental Wesleyan Fellowship has other theological educational audios available from a Wesleyan perspective. IMARC encourages you to check them out. We hope that you will enjoy these sermons.

May God bless these sermons to your heart as you listen.

"Rev. Douglas Crossman, born and raised in Wales, educated at London Bible College, then serving in ministry with Duncan Campbell both during and following the mid twentieth century revival in the Hebrides Islands, has much to contribute to all who have a special interest in revival and a meaningful exposition of God's Word. Having made particular study of the history of revival, he has repeatedly captivated his audiences with accounts of God's supernatural workings during times when, as he says, "God came down." As a Bible teacher and preacher, he ably enforces scriptural truths in such a way as to reflect long years of deep and productive study. His Ministry on both sides of the Atlantic has for years been an exceptional blessing." Respectfully Submitted by Mr. Joe MacPherson.

"I first met Douglas Crossman in 1979 at a conference in Estes Park, Colorado. He came to preach for us in our little pioneer church in Dodge City, Kansas in 1982. We could not pay him much nor did we have a large congregation, but it did not seem to matter to him. And I asked him everything I could think to ask.
    Again, Douglas and Eileen came to minister in Beckley, West Virginia in November of 1993 and 1994 and the summers of 1996 and 1997. We brought him to West Virginia again in 2005 for a summer camp. However, I had moved by that time and I brought him to the new church in Kentucky in 2004. Douglas spoke at our Fundamental Wesleyan Conference in South Carolina in 2010. And so Douglas has been a mentor and friend for over thirty years. I always said that I wanted to preach like him when I grew up. While I have been under his influence for nearly my entire ministry, I will never be the preacher he is. Douglas and Eileen have returned to England and I don't know if they will come back to America. But if I got word of such a visit, I would immediately try to schedule them to come to the church I now pastor - just so another congregation could hear the Word preached like it ought to be preached." Respectfully Submitted by Dr. Vic Reasoner

The audio programs below are broken into three groups. Group one are sermons that were preached at St. Stephen Methodist Church, Independent, of Columbus, GA over the course of several years. Group two was recorded for IMARC and all of Wesley's family. And group three was recorded in many different places from Africa to the United States. At times the audio quality in these recordings is not the best. The first two groups may be downloaded for personal use or even to post them on a web site. If you do post them on any web site we ask that you give credit to IMARC and post a link to our Home page. Please note the possible copy right violations of the group three recordings. Most of them were given to IMARC by Rev. Crossmen and some he could not identify where he preached the sermon or if the Church or conference center had a copy right on it. Therefore, you do not have permission to download any of these recordings. IMARC will be more then happy to remove any that may have a copy right when notified. In short these recordings are here for your edification. May God bless you as you listen.

Please note the above infromation for this group of sermons.