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Updated Sept. 19, 2015

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Sermon(s) Published June 22, 2014.
"Thou ungodly one, who hearest or readest these words! thou vile, helpless, miserable sinner! I charge thee before God the judge of all, go straight unto Him, with all thy ungodliness. Take heed thou destroy not thy own soul by pleading thy righteousness, more or less. Go as altogether ungodly, guilty, lost, destroyed, deserving and dropping into hell; and thou shalt then find favour in His sight, and know that He justifieth the ungodly. As such thou shalt be brought unto the blood of sprinkling, as an undone, helpless, damned sinner. Thus look unto Jesus! There is the Lamb of God, who taketh away thy sins! Plead thou no works, no righteousness of thine own! no humility, contrition, sincerity! In no wise. ...Thou who feelest thou art just fit for hell, art just fit to advance His glory; the glory of His free grace, justifying the ungodly and him that worketh not. O come quickly! Believe in the Lord Jesus, and thou, even thou, art reconciled to God."

   This quote was taken from Rev. John Wesley's sermon on Justification by Faith, last paragraph.

"Leave all your vain speculation and metaphysical reasoning behind. Take with you your hearts, full of fresh spring water from heaven, and preach Christ crucified and the resurrection, and that will conquer the world."
Bishop Francis Asbury, Father of American Methodism

Those public discourses, which were anciently the effects of conviction and zeal, are now become the weekly exercises of learning and art. "We believe and therefore speak," 2 Cor. 4:13, is an expression that has grown entirely obsolete among modern pastors. But nothing is more common among us than to say, As we have sermons prepared upon a variety of subjects, we are ready to deliver them as opportunity offers.
Rev. John Fletcher of Madeledy

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