Church Bulletin Helpers
IMARC hopes that this page will help you develop a better bulletin for your Worship services. In the very near future we will be adding a lot more. WE have consolidated our history ANECDOTES and quotes page into this page. The quotes will still be divided into three categories, WESLEY, METHODISTS, and quotes from different leaders in other DENOMINATIONS. The quotes can fit mostly anywhere within your bulletin. The historical anecdotes and devotionals can fit on the back of your bulletins. The sources that we got this material from will be identified where possible, and the quotes are not organized into topics. We will be adding more as we grow.

  1. newA Bad Night at the Dance
  2. Two Bishops Traveling in Style
  3. Rev. John Wesley and Beau Nash
  4. Dow's Wit
  5. George Wiltshire in Hell
  6. John Fletcher and the Three Hebrews
  7. The Devil in John Street Methodist Church
  8. John Wesley's Bust
  9. A Whole Congregation Falls Asleep
  10. Pedicord Preaches At A Hanging During
  11. Wesley and Money
  12. The Predestination Debacle
  13. No Beard, No Bishop!
  14. Mistaken Mode of Baptism

  1. Doing His Will
  2. Forgiving Our Debtors
  3. Handling Temptation
  4. God's Work and Our Work by John Wesley
  5. Faith...And Peace
  6. Prayer Is Asking
  7. The Lighted Candle
  8. On Faith And Patience
  9. The Power of Purity
  10. The Light of the World
  11. gift of gods
   Last update April. 01, 2011