Once Saved Always Saved

  1. Rev. John Wesley on the Perseverance of the Saints (or Eternal Security) By Rev. John Wesley
  2. Faith plus Works By Mr. Jeff Paton
  3. Hold on! What does it mean? By Mr. Jeff Paton
  4. A New Strategy for Refuting Eternal Security. By Mr. Jeff Paton
  5. 200 Reasons Why You Should Not Believe in Eternal Security By Mr. Jeff Paton
  6. A Challenging View of Hebrews By Rev. George Salman
  7. Hebrews: To be or Not to be Hypothetical By Pastor Dennis Hartman
  8. Dr. Ken Hovind, Both Good and Bad. By Pastor D. L. Hartman
  9. Dismembering Scarecrows. "If we say we have no sin." By Mr. Jeff Paton
  10. The Insecurity of the Believer And Arminianism. By Mr. Jeff Paton
  11. The Eight Pillars of Eternal Security: or The Toppling of an Idol. By Mr. Jeff Paton
  12. Pillars of Eternal Security - Part 2 By Mr. Jeff Paton
  13. Arminius: The Scapegoat of Calvinism. By Dr. Vic Reasoner
  14. The Possibility of Total Apostasy by Samuel Wakefield
Below is a list of links to other sites that deal with eternal security. Some of these sites will carry a few of the above articles. These sites are operated by individuals and groups who have a passion for this doctrine. These sites will give you some worth while information on the subject. Please enjoy your surf into the hot waters of this turbulent subject.

Eternal Security Continued

Updated may. 9,2008