This new upgraded links page reflects the spirit that IMARC projects. We are firmly committment to a Bible Believing Evangelical Methodism. Though not all of the below pages are this firm in conviction, all are friends of IMARC and Methodism.

Last updated Jan. 13, 2009
Eternal Security is not doubt a issue that will get the attention of most Christians. Join Mr. Patton as he shares his view point on this and other subjects. For those Methodists and Wesleyan who don't know what to believe, you won't go wrong here. It is a web site that you will want to book mark. IMARC highly recommends this site.
The Society of Evangelical Arminians (SEA) is an association of evangelical scholars and laymen who adhere to Arminian theology and are united in order to glorify God, edify his people, protect them from error, and foster the proper representation of our magnificent God to the world by lovingly and respectfully (1)... advancing sound, biblical Arminian theology, (2) refuting Calvinism and networking ... for the accomplishment of these goals...(3) mutual encouragement, support, and growth in the truth of God's word. IMARC highly recommends this site.
Rev. William J. Logan is retired after spending all but fourty years in the ministry. It is not recommended to the faint of heart or those who have need of milk and the simple love of Christ. We were happy to have worked with him and will continue to do so.
This site is dedicated to those who want a true perspective on Black History. It has links to other pages written by Blacks who are truly concerned about their social, religion, and academic progress. The page is edited by a Wesleyan/Methodist layman who is concerned about American Black people.
Jim Caniff preaches the gospel, is an ordained minister and has written books and some articles. His alma mater is Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. He has established this web site for the purpose of publishing the truth.
A Call to Reform is operated by Dr. Malcolm Lavender. He had devoted his writing talents to the study of Calvinism and its refutation. There are many books available that you would not find in the contemporary Christian book stores of our time. Go, see, what he has available, and enjoy.
The Wesley Center for Applied Theology. This center is a very good source for more of the conservative Arminian theology. You will find a lot of good Methodist/Wesleyan information there.
Revival Theology is an appeal to man's reason, intellect and understanding, recognizing them as endowments from God, in an attempt to enlighten the heart and will and bring about an intelligent submission to the loving Lordship of Jesus Christ.
Godrules web site has some good resources for Bible study. When we first linked to this site it was rather conservative in looks. However that has changed in recent years just like IMARC. If you follow the links you will find many good Wesleyan resources.

The links below are those related to the United Methodist Church. Though these links appear here does not mean that IMARC agrees or endorses all that those pages say or contains. However, there are resources in them, such as our commmon heritage as Methodists, that are worthy of consideration.

1. The Good News magazine was founded over 25 years ago as a "renewal" movement within the United Methodist Church. It claims to be the voice to inform and unite evangelicals within their denomination. In their effort to bring revival to the United Methodist Church, it is doubtful that the voice of the Good News can be heard over the riotous noise of liberalism and blatant atheism. However, we do salute their efforts in this regard and pray for success for them!
2. 200 Years of United Methodism: An Illustrated History is a good book. Though IMARC is conservative and Independent, our roots are founded in a common heritage historically. There are many fine photographs such as the Holy Club, Philip Embury, and the first American Methodist preacher Robert Strawbridge. This Electronic edition is worth a visit. Visit the "Gallery of Photographs" first, which can be reached through the Table of Contents page.
3. The Methodist Archives is at the John Ryland University Library of Manchester (JRULM) in England. This library houses special collections of older materials concerning Methodism. You will also find a lot of other interesting information there.
4. Looking for your PEDIGREE as a Methodist pastor? The General Commission on Archives and History provides an important resource for your research. Visit the GCAH and see what you can find.

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