Welcome to the IMARC Book room. In this small internet library you will find some very interesting and helpful books. This little library is all about Methodism. If you are looking for Baptist and Pentecostal materials here, you will not find it. After all, this site is devoted Bible Believing Methodism.

There are three general classi -fications. The first is Doc- trinal. The second is Meth- odist Commentaries. Last is Historical and Topical.

Under the heading of Doc- trinal you will find an assorted collection of Methodist writers. Some writers are very well know such of Ralstons "Elements of Divinity" and Summer's theological writings. There are others that are not as popular, but very worth your while such as Fields "Handbook of Christian Theology," and so on. These writings defend the historic Methodist theological positions. They are certainly not like the popular Methodist writings today that either deny the Bible and Creation, or in a cowardice defend the faith.

Methodist Commentaries are just that. These are writings of Methodist scholars in times past. That being said, you can trust your souls with them. Featured here are Summers commentaries. These were created by a friend of Fundamental Wes- leyan Society and IMARC. They were give to us by his wife several years after his death. This then is then is in part some of the works of Mr. Sulu Kelly. They were freely given to us and we ask that you to freely give. There are also several commentaries that he did not do. There are links to other Methodist commentaries on other sites to make it complete.

The last is Historical and Topical. This is a happy hodge·podge of Methodist writings. Some you won't find anywhere else. Enjoy.

Updated Sept. 2013,

NEW >  A Modern Shibboleth! By Wilbur Christy. This is a much in demand book on Baptism. At the time of publishing it on IMARC it was no where to be found on the Internet. He is more than mundane in his approach to this issue.

Wesley's 25 Articles of Religion.
"This We Verily Believe", is a book written by the late Dr.W. W. Breckbill, a founder of the Evangelical Methodist Church. Dr. Breckbill gives the articles and a short commentary on each.

The Gift of the God's
Dr. Henry Shilling gives a nifty view of Calvinism. He shows how the basic concept of eternal security is pagan in nature. It is an easy read, and will stimulate the reader to investigate the error of this doctrine more.   pdf file

Works of James Arminius.
Study his works for yourself. This link will also give to you some other great material.

Elements of Divinity,
By Dr. Thomas Ralston. This is only a part of that theology which contains its contrast Calvinism to the of Methodist Arminianism. It also include other doctrinal particulars of Methodist. pdf file

NEW Systematic Theology. This is the complete work in two volumes as written by Dr. Thomas O. Summers and edited by Dr. Jno. J. Tigert. Volume One and Volume Two
pdf file

NEW Glossary is also written by Dr. Thomas Summers. It is useful tool in the study of Biblical Theology. All students of the Bible need this.
pdf file

Compendium of Methodism
James Porter is an American Methodist. During his ministry and earthly labors he wrote sixteen different books including Compendium of Methodism. He was deeply involved in evangelism and theological education.

The Handbook of Christian Theology
This is the introduction to Benjamin Field's Theology. pdf file

The Handbook of Christian Theology
Written by Jenjamin Field's. This is a neat theology in a question and answer form. It is easy to under- stand and very scriptural/Biblical. I is from a Methodist per- spective.    pdf file

Binney's Theological Compend
Written by Rev. Amos Binney and Rev. Daniel Steele. This is a small theology that gives a good over view of Biblical Methodism. It is easy to read, and contains a lot of great theological information.

Theological Compend
Written by Edgar P. Ellyson. This is neat theology written from the Church of Nazarene perspective.   pdf file

Why John the Baptist Sprinkled the Multitude at the River Jordan,
This and Other Sermons on Baptism Preached at Horne The Multitude at the River Jordan, and other sermons on Baptism Preached at Horne Memorial Church, Clayton, N.C. om June 1921. By the Pastor, Rev. C. T. Thrift. pdf file

Why Baptize by Sprinkling
Written by John R. Church. It is a good over view of the subject on the modes of Baptism. pdf file

NEW Baptism. Written by Dr. Thomas O. Summers. This would rate as a classic for Methodism.
pdf file

Christian Growth.
By O.P. Fitzgerald. It is a great read with important information concerning Christian growth. It has a lot of concepts that has been forgotten by modern Methodism, and long with the modern church. It is easy to read and easy to understand.  pdf file

This was written by Amos Beinney and Daniel Steele. This volume covers the whole of the New Testament.
pdf file

Commentary on the Gospels of Matthew and Mark.
This was written by William Nast and German Methodist leader in the 1800's. These commentaries are not all that available.
pdf file

The following commentaries are written by Dr. Thomas Summers. This set of commentaries are special in that they are hard to come by. Dr. Summers only wrote from Matthew through Romans. While they would not be classed as "critical" commentaries they are very well done. As usual he does not let his personality slip. Every Methodist/Wesleyan pastor ought to have these. Enjoy.

Dr. Henry W. Williams wrote another commentary of on Romans. He is a British Wesleyan writer of the late 1800's. It gives a sturdy view of the Wesleyan Methodist position of Hebrews. It is a very worth while commentary.
pdf file - large file to down load

The files below are linked to other internet sites. They will allow you to access some other Methodist/Wesleyan commen -taries. The difference being is that you will not be able to down load these file like the ones above for your on board Bible Study Program. IMARC has placed them here for your convenience. If you are not into Methodist works only, these sites provide commentaries and other Bible study helps. We hope that you will enjoy this.

Reasons For Becoming A Methodist,
by Rev. I. Smith and Edited by Rev. Raymond F. MacMahon, D.S. South of the Evangelical Methodist Church
Written by Rev. and Mrs Crossman. This is a classic work tracing the history of Revival all the way back to the first book of the Old Testament. In dark times like these, this book will bless you. It shows that God never was, nor is silent in the affaires of Mankind. It is a must read.
This book was first published in 1903 complete with pictures. The author gives a pen name as written "by a Methodist Preacher."Chapter 2 of 20.
This is the entire book as written by Dr. Paul Garber. Enjoy! But remember there are position in this book that IMARC has it differences.
This book has a lot of neat stories from both early British and American Methodism. pdf file
This book was written by Dr. William Burt. He gives insight to the spread and growth of Methodism throughout Europe. He also gives documentation of growth along with the names of some of the movers and shakers in this evangelical effort. For the glory of Christ, IMARC prays for a revival in Europe, as well as the world.
was one of the earliest Methodist Circuit Riders in American History. He is a forgotten hero of Methodism, and for sure forgotten in contemporary American Christian History books. This is a neat short history of this brave soldier of Christ. This book is in a PDF format.
Dr. L.W.Munhall, is a personal witness to what caused United Methodism to slide into the gross liberalism in which that once great Protestant denomination now finds itself. He is careful to sight those, both Bishops and other leaders, who opposed scriptural Christianity. It is an exciting book to read.
PDF file
By Edward Eggleston. A fantastic historical Novel. The writer beautifully illustrates early American life as well as the phenomenal impact of Methodism in the 1800's. It clearly illustrates the impact that Methodism had in American life. This is totally covered up in todays modern Christian histories that are written by the current crop of Evangelicals, and Fundamentalists. PDF
NEW Prayer. Written by Thomas O. Summers
The following selection of books are written by Rev. John R. Church who was a popular Methodist preacher of the past. This is only a sampling of the many books that he wrote in his lift time. All books are in pdf file format.