IMARC is an Inter-Denominational Methodist page. It is here to provide a real world view of Biblical Christianity form a Methodist perspective. Our resources have grown since we first enter the world wide web in 1995. It has been a blessing to many since its founding. We would like to invite you to enjoy the materials that we have available for you. You can trust your soul with the information provided on this page. We are Methodist/Wesleyan Arminian, and we make no bones about it. We are here to serve the Bible Believing family of Wesley and particularly Christ our Lord.

Since prophecy seems to be so important, IMARC believes that our Lord will return bodily/physically when he decides so to do. We do not profess any particular view on prophecy except for the above. Yet there are writers who have written on IMARC who do express their views.

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      Biblical Answers to Common Questions About Eternal Security. Join Mr. Paton as he responds to some of the more popular teachings of the doctrine of eternal security. You will be glad that you have read it.


The State of Evangelical Publishing

    The result is that the average Christian bookstore is stocked with superficial and sometimes heretical products. Christian publishing sells $4 billion annually. But when the pop-psychology-self-help-feel-good books, the end-times fiction, the celebrity biography, and the opportunist author trying to capitalize on current events are removed, the average Christian book store would be left with little besides romance novels. We have become a generation of believers who are doctrinally illiterate and historically unaware of our roots. While the history of the Christian Church is dotted with classics from every time period, the best-seller list is dominated by a few celebrity authors.

@ The Arminian Magazine

Predestined to Eternally Suffer? An Interview with Philosopher Jerry Walls

    "...God's very nature is love and he created us in his image for relationships of love, both with himself and other persons. For us to truly love God, we have to be free. If God determined our "love" for himself, he would be loving himself rather than receiving genuine love from us."

So, What Will United Methodists Be?
Question? When and if the split comes, will those who stand for the Bible take comfort in real Biblical Methdist Arminian theology?

    Many United Methodist blogs and web sits are a buzz with this issue. Predictions run as freely as the spring melt runs off the snow capped Rocky Mountains. And those brooks, streams and rivers as they tumble over the rocks on their way down makes far less noise then this issue. This article will not make predictions of an eventual Church split. I may err however, by saying that the decision might be made for the United Methodists by an arbitrary decree from some government agency or leader rather then an internal conference vote. So let's look beyond this issue itself.
    Let's assume that there is a split. Some say it will split along the same lines of the old Methodist Church North and South. This is somewhat unlikely. Some say that the large city churches will go with this strange life style. We should not bet on that either. However the boundary lines are drawn, only God knows. But there is still a more important issue here. That is, what will the Biblical disposition of the now United Methodists if such a split occurs? Let me qualify this idea a bit more. What do those who hold to the Biblical view on this subject want to be theologically?

@IMARC - Pastor D.L.Hartman

"To candid, reasonable men, I am not afraid to lay open what have been the inmost thoughts of my heart. I have thought, I am a creature of a day, passing through life, as an arrow through the air. I am a spirit come from God, and returning to God: just hovering over the great gulf; till a few moments hence, I am no more seen! I drop into an unchangeable eternity! I want to know one thing, the way to heaven: how to land safe on that happy shore. God himself has condescended to teach the way; for this very end he came from heaven. He has written it down in a book! Oh, give me that book! At any price, give me the book of God! I have it: here is knowledge enough for me. Let me be homo unius libri: "A man of one book." Here then I am far from the busy ways of men. I sit down alone: only God is here. In his presence I open, I read this book; for this end, to find the way to heaven. Is there a doubt concerning the meaning of what I read? Does anything appear dark or intricate? I lift up my heart to the Father of lights. Lord, is it not your word, "If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God"? You "give liberally and upbraid not." You have said, "If any be willing to do my will, he shall know." I am willing to do: let me know your will. I then search after, and consider parallel passages to scripture, "comparing spiritual things with spiritual." I meditate thereon, with all the attention and earnestness of which my mind is capable. If any doubt still remains, I consult those who are experienced in the things of God; and then, the writings whereby, being dead, they speak. And what I thus learn, that I teach."
Rev. John Wesley

Brother Gao Zhisheng, We Love You and are Praying for You.
Gao, a friend of Christ and a defender of freedom for all men everywhere.
    IMARC is still watching for word about Brother Gao, and praying for his family and for a Free China. Read his wife's, Liu Xiaodong, appeal for help. (Beijing–April 21, 2013) The wife of Christian and longtime political dissident Zhao Changqing has issued an appeal for help after he was taken into police custody, apparently because he had called for government officials to disclose information about their financial assets.
IMARC Guest editorial

Recently I have respond to "The United Methodist Reporter," an online journal, and the article below is in response to the above named article. The editors evidently felt that my response was unnecessarily to critical. Therefore, they did not post it. I thought it somewhat strange how the United Methodists will stoop to anything to get their churches to grow. Immersion has become the panacea for modern churches, no matter the strip or color, "demonstrating" that somehow they scribe to Biblical Christianity. So what's in the water?
@IMARC - Pastor D.L.Hartman